Public Relations

Elizabeth Parry

Owner/Founder, Parry Botanicals

"​Amanda generates outstanding results. She is detail oriented and gets the job done. Within an hour of our initial meeting, she sent an outline with her plan of action. The first month, she had feedback and interest from 7 publications. Her follow skills are excellent, emailing a detailed spreadsheet with updates. Hiring Amanda was one of the best decisions I have made."

Lagenia Clark

Founder, Justin's TRIumph 

"In fall 0f 2013, one of our twin sons was diagnosed with a rare, fatal disease, Giant Axonal Neuropathy (GAN).  I mentioned it at our local Mother’s of Multiples dinner and the next morning, Amanda (who I had never met) had already contacted all of the local media outlets trying to help us raise awareness and money to help find a cure for this horrific disease.  She has been absolutely amazing helping our family (our younger daughter was diagnosed a few months after her brother).

While my husband and I were busy trying to learn everything we could about the disease, it was such a blessing to have Amanda handling all of the media relations.  The recent government shutdown occurred when we were getting ready to present documentation for a possible cure to the FDA.  Amanda immediately arranged for both national and local TV and print media coverage of our story.  Thanks to her acumen, we were able to capitalize on the public fervor over the shutdown and were able to get the message about GAN out to the greater Houston audience as well as the entire nation.

Her grasp of social media is unparalleled. Since she started helping, we’ve seen donations coming in to Hannah’s Hope Fund (the non-profit whose sole goal is to find a cure for GAN) from all around the world.  The international exposure we have received is due solely to Amanda’s tireless efforts and it’s making a huge difference in the fight for a cure."

Karen Hartquist

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications at Oracle

"With any public relations position, it is necessary to have excellent communication skills, cultivate relationships, be sensitive to deadlines and stay calm under pressure. Amanda possesses all of these skills and many more. She is collaborative, proactive and able to manage several projects at once. Amanda has a great attitude and gets the job done! She would be a great addition to any team and I highly recommend her."

Sheneq Aranda

Founder, Premier Baby Planning

"I hired Amanda Sorena as my publicist in fall 2011. Amanda is assertive, honest and creative. Amanda took the time to understand my business and my personality immediately. She is focused, sets goals and gets results. With her tenacity and think outside-the-box attitude, Amanda was instrumental in establishing my brand with the local and national community. Amanda uses traditional media as well as social media and local events to get the job done. She is very honest which created a solid foundation for our working relationship. Amanda is deeply loyal and trustworthy. During media interviews and events, I felt like she took care of everything so I could relax and focus on me. Amanda made sure I was well-prepared for interviews and media talks. I would recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to take their brand to the next level!"

Lisa Pearson
President of Umbel & CMO

"I have worked with Amanda off and on for the last ten years and hope to do so for the next ten at least. Amanda is a star in all regards. She's a tenacious, strategic PR professional who is absolutely unflappable. I hired Amanda as a contractor while I was at DeVries (having supervised her when I was at Magnet Communications) and then brought her with me when I started my own consultancy. She is versatile and a quick study in addition to being a bright, fun gal. I highly recommend her."

Mark Andrews
Oscar Winning Director, Pixar

"When it comes to Publicity and you are the "talent" the one thing you don't want is any feeling of ambiguity. You always want to feel that someone is looking out for you and has your back and can anticipate your needs or even worries and can think of things before you do. When it comes to Publicity, Amanda is my first choice. She made every event, press junket, speaking gig, interview, tour, trip, appearance, award show go so smooth I think it's this easy all the time. She is not only on the ball, but she smiles while doing it. She has one of the best dispositions in the business and handles stress better than a navy fighter pilot landing an F18 on an aircraft night.... in a storm.... with one engine out. I embellish because I am the talent, but truly she doesn't break a sweat. Which I know means she does break a sweat getting everything sorted and keeping all the plates spinning and making seem effortless. 

Amanda is so great I say yes to every Publicity opportunity she brings my way. Hire her now without hesitation. "

​​​Meera Naehr

President, Mom Corps Houston

"Amanda is a PHENOMENAL publicist.  I hired her two years ago to help me propagate my brand in the Houston marketplace and she continues to blow me away with her keen understanding of my business, the local market, and the smartest ways to reach people with our message.  She is highly creative and resourceful in identifying and securing media placements, and she draws people in with her authenticity, likeability, and professionalism.  She has gone above-and-beyond to present me and my company to the public – including preparing me for interviews, co-authoring speeches, giving me extensive social media training, and conducting photo shoots.  Most importantly, Amanda gets results!!  She is relentless in targeting optimal media placements and has secured numerous TV spots, magazine articles, blogs, and speaking engagements for my company.  Any company, large or small, would be lucky to have Amanda on board!"